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British Columbia - A 'Bear Smart' Province?

We are getting there! We now have over 20 communities in BC that are actively working to achieve provincial "Bear Smart" Community Program criteria and seven communities (Kamloops, Squamish, Lions Bay, Whistler, Port Alberni, Naramata and New Denver) have successfully attained official "Bear Smart " Community status.

Over the last 10 years there has been a decline in the number of bears killed annually in response to conflicts from approximately 1000 - 650 bears (Ministry of Environment Statistics). 

Ministry of Environment Bear Smart Communit Program Criteria:

1. Prepare a Bear Hazard Assessment.

2. Prepare a Bear-Human Conflict Management Plan.

3. Develop a Human-Bear Conflict Stewardship Committee.

4. Revise Planning & Decision Making Documents. 

5. Implement a Continuing Public Education Program.

6. Develop and Maintain a Bear-Proof Municipal Solid Waste Management System.

7. Implement "Bear Smart" Bylaws.

Contact Us To Help Your Community Become Bear Smart.

In the fall, bears are foraging in preparation of winter hibernation. This is a crucial time to educate residents and visitors on how to effectively manage bear attractants in hopes of reducing human-caused conflict with bears in communities.

Our experts provide municipalities, service groups, nature clubs, schools & individuals with Bear Smart information aimed at increasing both public safety and wildlife conservation. Contact us at: or 250-951-9453. Bear Smart BC consultants are trained and certified experts that specialize in working with government, industry, and other stakeholders to reduce human conflict with wildlife.


How to Be Bear Smart - Shaw TV Port Alberni


Our approach: we are environmental and social scientists with an in-depth understanding of both the anthroposphere and the biosphere and are able to make rational and logical desicions in terms of managing wildlife-human conflict. 

Our main goal: our experts work to reduce the number of bears destroyed due to human-caused conflict by decreasing the conflict between humans and wildlife in a way that minimizes such occurrences and promotes human safety. We want your play, work, home, and community to be safe for humans, while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding natural environment, which includes the safety and proliferation of bears and other wildlife. Because we are trained in the environmental and biological sciences, we are able to take this approach. This is what makes us unique in British Columbia.