About Us


Bear Smart BC Consultants work in partnership with the Ministry of Environment,Conservation Officer ServiceMinistry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource OperationsMinistry of Tourism, First Nations, Municipalities, Regional Districts, Provincial/National Parks, Business Sectors, and other stakeholders to reduce conflict between humans and bears.

Vision Statement

In partnership with all levels of government, non-government organizations, and other stakeholders, we will build a Bear Smart province by developing communities one by one. Together, we will reduce human-caused bear conflict by creating a system that will serve as the foundation for strategic change, leadership development, plan implementation, and continuous improvement. The British Columbia Bear Smart Program will be a global model for creating a safe environment for humans and bears.

Core Purpose

Bear Smart BC will be an strong partner in the development of open communications, problem-solving, and strategic planning  to reduce human-bear conflict issues in the province of BC and further afield. Bear Smart BC will provide input to develop effective and consistent policies, procedures, and build solid partnership between public and private stakeholders. 

How does Bear Smart BC Develop Strong Partners?

Bear Smart BC received a Premier's Award for Innovation and Excellence in 2008 in response to the high level of success in communications and teamwork. This was achieved by:

  • identifying community stakeholders and other partners;
  • initiating communications with federal, provincial, and local government officials, wildlife management professionals, community stakeholders, and other partners;
  • initiating and facilitating wildlife stewardship committees;
  • reviewing current wildlife management strategies and engaging stakeholders in collaborative discussion;
  • providing assistance and guidance in developing and achieving community goals and objectives;
  • collecting community specific concerns and perceived obstacles to current wildlife management strategies; and
  • applying creative thinking and conversational skills to implement strategic change. 


Why Was Bear Smart BC Established?

 Bear Smart Bc was established for numerous reasons, including:

  • to provide hands-on assistance and guidance to municipalities, regional districts and business employers/managers with implementing sustainable wildlife-conflict management strategies;
  • to support the Conservation Officer Service and the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations in their wildlife stewardship efforts;
  • to work in partnership with BC Municipalities to assist with the implementation of wildlife-conflict prevention and mitigation strategies;
  • to engage people who affect or are affected by human-wildlife conflict and encourage all stakeholders to be involved in not only applying mitigation and prevention measures but also in formulating them;
  • to work in partnership with BC Companies to assist with the implementation of the Wildlife-Conflict Prevention and Mitigation Strategies for occupational wildlife safety; and
  • to work in partnership with BC Municipalities, the Conservation Officer Service and all related organizations to implement community specific public education programs to prevent/mediate human-wildlife conflict.