Academic Programs

Bear Smart BC Consulting works with post secondary institutions to promote the development of environmental stewardship and social responsibility with students of many disciplines. The students gain valuable experience in the field of resource management, communications, community planning and public safety. 

Reducing the likelihood of human-wildlife conflict requires an understanding of a suite of issues including: public perceptions and attitudes towards risk and conflict, wildlife behavior, wildlife biology, population dynamics and how the natural topography and natural and non-natural attractants are contributing to the problem. Clearly, human-wildlife conflict is a multifaceted system of social and biological issues. Our creative teaching promises a rewarding educational investment for students.

What we do:

♦ Provide training in assessing the environmental and socio-political causes of human-wildlife conflict.

External Forces: Work with students to understand how expanding land uses, consumptive rights over wildlife (hunting), wildlife population dynamics, habitat utilization (community planning and development), and the diverse attitudes and values of constituency groups influence the efforts of delivering and sustaining human-wildlife conflict reduction and natural resource protection strategies. 

Provide Field Investigative Experience: assessing wildlife habitat, wildlife travel patterns and procedures for developing professional wildlife hazard assessments for government, regional districts, industrial sites and land development corporations. 

Communication Skills: We provide students with effective communication skills to work with government officials and other major stakeholders. This training develops professional attitudes toward sustainable natural resource managment. 

Leadership Training: provides students with the ability to:

  • Identify, analyze, and build solutions to organizational challenges.
  • Manage positive organizational change.
  • Leverage technology to empower themselves and their organization.
  • Develop effective, high performance teams.
  • Manage an organization's internal and external political environment.
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Implement change and achieve results.

♦ The ultimate goal of our training program is to help build organizations that are aligned, innovative and capable of meeting the challenges that arise in the field of wildlife-conflict and natural resource managment.   

We currently working in partnership with Vancouver Island University Resource Managment and Officer Technology Program.