Human-Bear Conflict Management Plans

The goal of the Human-Bear Conflict Management Plan is to directly reduce the probability of negative human-bear conflicts (and reduce the liability related to these encounters through due diligence and best management practices). Our consultants prepare professional management plans in cooperation with all levels of government, workers and other stakeholders. The plan includes the following objectives: 

  1. implement a wildlife-resistant solid waste and recycling management system for camps and active work-sites;
  2. revise planning and decision-making documents to be consistent with the human-wildlife conflict prevention plan;
  3. develop a waste management policy to include effective waste management practices aimed at preventing conflict with wildlife;
  4. manage camp and/or work site green space areas and trails to accommodate safePA040121.JPG pathways for humans and dissuade travel by large carnivores;
  5. manage green space including brushing, eradicating clover, and improving sight lines;
  6. develop an industry specific “Human-Wildlife Conflict” education program;
  7. develop a recording and monitoring system designed to accurately capture wildlife activity within the camp or industrial site; and
  8. sustain an active stewardship committee for the purpose of assisting with the implementation of wildlife management strategies.