Public Education

Bear Safety Lectures

Bear Smart BC consultants deliver professional bear safety education lectures to municipal governments, conservation and public safety groups, community service groups, industries, school districts, and individual workers. The topics of these lectures include:

  • Bear Safety in your Backyard,
  • Bear Activity in your Community,
  • Working in Bear Country, and
  • Bear Biology and Ecology.

Bear Safety Education Programs

Bear Smart BC consultants develop professional bear safety education programs tailored to meet the unique needs of municipalities, conservation and public safety groups, school districts, and industries. Our safety programs include the following information:


bear habitat, diet, and annual cycles;

♦ identification of black and grizzly bears;

♦ provincial statistics on bear populations and bear attacks;

♦ identification of bear signs (tracks, tree markings, carcasses, scat, etc);

♦ what to do when evidence of bears or bear activity is detected; and

♦ development of Safety Bulletins/Alerts & Effective Monitoring Systems.