Municipal and Regional District Bylaws

Bear Smart BC consultants work in partnership with governing officials to implement feasible and effective Bear Smart bylaw systems. Municipal and regional bylaws are the foundation of community values, and also provide a viable tool for the regulation of wildlife and other management policies.

There are several key elements that our consultants consider in the formulation and implementation of public policy relevant to wildlife managment. These include:

  1. the biophysical animal behaviors including population dynamics, reproductive ecology, and habitat utilization;
  2. the social structures of property rights or consumptive rights over bears (hunting or tourism) and the tendency of bears to cross property boundary lines, particularly in community settings, that may influence long-term stewardship responsibilities;
  3. human values, including aesthetic, spiritual, ecological, ethical, and utilitarian values that are represented by individuals or community groups when policy concerning human-bear conflict reduction strategies are debated and formulated; and
  4. the institutional-regulatory systems including the development of effective law enforcement systems, a secure financial foundation for implementing management strategies, growth of “public trust,” and a sharing of regulatory power between governments.