Leadership Programs


Leadership Development

The Bear Smart BC Leadership Program is based on the assumption that leadership is far more than a matter of style; it's about getting results, over the long-term, for all stakeholders...


Building on experience and personal strengths and weaknesses, our leadership programs will develop the skills, insight, and judgment necessary to shift from managing to leading people. This highly collaborative program will focus on enhancing your competencies in the areas of Leadership Excellence, Public Relations, Embracing Change, Community Engagement, and Strategic and Ethical Decision Making. As a result, you will develop a greater  understanding and performance of effective individual and organizational leadership  and management abilities. 

What We Offer:

♦ comprehensive-training programs tailored to assist individuals, government, organizations and academic institutions achieve leadership and organizational excellence;

♦ development of personal and tactical skills essential to high performing leaders in the field of natural resource management and environmental stewardship or any other business enterprise; and

♦ academic institutions:  we provide leadership training programs to universities and other academic institutions across the province for students seeking a career in environmental management or any other field of study. Leadership training provides the opportunity for students to become better communicators and more confident leaders in their field of interest. Students training to work in government organizations such as provincial or national park officers, the conservation officer service, municipal or regional development and land-use planning or any other natural resource management field will highly benefit from leadership training.  Our leadership training provides students with the ability to:

  • identify, analyze, and build solutions to organizational challenges;
  • manage positive organizational change;
  • leverage technology to empower themselves and their organization;
  • develop effective, high performance teams;
  • manage an organization's internal and external political environment;
  • communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders; and
  • implement change and achieve results.

Leadership and Wildlife Stewardship

All great organizations have one thing in common: great leadership! Public safety and wildlife conservation/stewardship are the responsibility of all levels of government as well as every land owner and/or land manager in the province. The Ministry of Environment Conservation Officer Service designed the Bear Smart Community Program for the purpose of shifting from reactive wildlife management to provactive wildlife stewardship. This shift in thinking and conflict response strategies requires leadership expertise at all levels of government staffing. High-performing workplace environments are critical to success!

Provincial and Local Government Leadership

The BC Ministry of Environment's Conservation Officer Service and the Ministry of Forest, Land and Natural Resource Management are recognized as progressive and respected leaders in environmental law enforcement and shared stewardship of BC's Natural Resources. In collaboration with stakeholders and communities, these ministries work hard to reduce human-wildlife conflict in the province of BC.

The Provincial Bear Smart Community Program is a 'living system' of relationships and partnerships that collectively work toward the large undertaking of reducing human-wildlife conflicts. It takes committed people, partnerships, and shared visions to bring this common goal to fruition. 

Bear Smart BC Leadership Development Programs

Developing Personal and Organizational Excellence in Natural Resource Management

Personal Development Program

Personal development is at the core of all successful leadership programs and is key to successful organizations. It is the process of exercising your courage, willpower, and discipline to put into action a personal plan aimed at discovering and creating your personal destiny. Every participant in our leadership program will work closely with our coaches to design a personal program tailored to achieve your individual goals, aspirations, and genuine behavioral change.

Our coaches support and advise as they help participants to:

  • develop the ability to formulate a clear image of the aspired future;
  • identify a focused set of development goals;
  • design a personal plan that builds physical, emotional, and spiritual health through effective and consistent lifestyle;
  • transform goals into actionable steps that are achievable and measurable;
  • review and interpret feedback from 360-degree and other assessments; and
  • monitor and measure progress and make adjustments as the program develops.

Organizational Development Program

Developing and sustaining an effective and efficient organization requires attention to organizational structures such as hierarchical design, employee performance management and cruitment processes, succession planning process, and the ability to identify and measure successes and challenges. Our consultants offer a variety of services to assist organizational development needs.

  • facilitating organizational design requirements to decide what roles are required to meet specific business requirments;
  • develop a staged implementation plan that guides the organization through a learning process that enables credibility, accountability, as well as behavior that creates effective teamwork; and
  • provide hands on educational sessions to collaborate with and inform stakeholders and ecision-makers on the principles that need to be followed when building or modifying the design of an organization.