Bear Resistant Solid Waste Management 

Successful bear management programs at the urban or industrial interface depend on the consistent approach of numerous components, most importantly bear resistant solid waste management systems. Bear Smart BC Consulting offers services that evaluate the status of these systems within a community. The actions taken and services provided include: 

1. assess community and industrial solid waste infrastructure for level of bear resistant quality and performance;

2. provide recommendations for purchasing, designing, and implementing bear resistant solid waste infrastructure and related systems;

3. develop public education programs unique to the area;

4. provide assistance to regional landfill operations to minimize access by bears;

5. provide expertise on the formation of bylaws or other regulations relative to solid waste management;

6. work with municipalities, regional districts, and other businessess to develop criteria that effectively defines bear resistant infrastructure;

7. assist land developers with designing best managment practices for implementing bear resistant solid waste systems; and

8. work with related governing organizations to minimize unauthorized garbage disposal.