Training Services





Bear Smart BC Consultants deliver professional bear safety education programs tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We develop professional bear safety education lectures to industrial organizations across the province. The following sections overview information on the training services provided by Bear Smart BC Consulting, Inc.

Field Research and Training

Bear Smart BC prepares bear hazard assessments for municipalities and industrial organizations. To view this section of our website, click here. These assessments set the foundation for the development of effective management strategies and require in-depth focus on both the biological and sociological contribution to the problem. 

during these assessments, students are provided the opportunity to participate in the research, design, and development of these professional documents. Competencies include: communication skills, adaptability and flexibility, goals, values and motivation, decision making, problem solving and judgement, initiative and innovation, interpersonal skills, leadership, planning and organization, developing others, and teamwork.

Skills Outline:

  1. Use of maps and survey equipment. P3080162.JPG
  2. Making field observations and taking notes.
  3. Wildlife Habitat & Community Greenspace Management.
  4. Tracks and Sign.
  5. Municipal Policy Analysis.
  6. Environment and Urban Planning.
  7. Interview Surveys.
  8. Socio-behavioral aspects of natural resource and environmental issues.

Hazing Methods

Another training service provided by Bear Smart BC is hazing methods. Although it may seem like a relatively simple task, there are many ways that hazing or deterring bears can go horribly wrong. Protect yourself. Call us and we will give you the knowledge you need to safely experience the outdoors in 'bear country'. Our hazing method services include:

  • educational lectures on types of hazing/deterrent methods;
  • how to employ deterrents;
  • pros/cons of available methods; and
  • safety protocol during hazing/deterring bears.

Workplace Wildlife Hazard Prevention 

The goal of Bear Smart BC is to significantly reduce the number and severity of preventable human-wildlife conflicts. Our information systems are designed to educate supervisors and health & safety committees on how to prevent human-wildlife hazards or conflicts from occurring in the workplace. Preventative steps taken in each workplace will ensure the safety and security of workers at their work site.

With a positive approach to prevention, Bear Smart BC focuses on what British Columbian business/industry can do to prevent wildlife attractants at work sites.Together, we empower business/industrial organizations working in BC to make choices that enables sustainability of wildlife in the province. Please let us know how we can work with your company to help establish what could be a life-saving system in your workplace.