Testimonials for Bear Smart BC Consulting, Inc.


The Regional District of Nanaimo



"Bear Smart BC were retained to provide a series of public information sessions for residents of the Regional District of Nanaimo.  Crystal and her team did an great job of providing useful information, with a focus on Vancouver Island black bears in our local communities."

Jeff Ainge

Zero Waste Coordinator

Regional District of Nanaimo

Vancouver Island University


“In the past few years, many of my second year students have volunteered with Crystal and the Bear Smart program. This work involved a variety of duties including assessing historic data on bear complaints, monitoring and mapping urban corridors where bears are using, talking with homeowners at their residences and participating in community outreach programs and workshops. This invaluable experience has led to a higher level of understanding and caring of human -wildlife conflict issues. After graduation, several students expressed interest in starting up bear smart programs back in their own communities. It really is a win-win for both bears and communities who care about reducing conflicts“
Greg Klimes,
Professor and Program Chair
Resource Management Officer Technology (RMOT) Diploma
Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection (BNRP) Degree
Faculty of Science and Technology
Vancouver Island University